In our professional experience and personal capacities, we have met many US and non US business persons who have developed an excellent idea for a product or service. They seek investors who will pay cash in exchange for an equity position in the company as a shareholder of a corporation or member of a limited liability company.

The principals develop a business plan which presents their product or service.  The business plan expresses both the technical aspects of the business and the commercial value of the business. Then the principals make a common mistake. They deliver the business plan to persons reputedly of means and expect them to pay for an equity interest in the company based only on the business plan.  The business plan alone is not enough.  It does not inform the investor as  to the financial and other benefits which will accrue to the investor.

We translate the business concept into an investment concept.  This means that we augment the business plan with an investment strategy.  The strategy is designed to present the business concept to potential investors who we identify as having a pre-existing interest in the business concept.  We then take the business plan and present it in a form and manner in which the identified investors are accustomed when they assess investments.  In consultation with the principals, we present the investment categories which we know are significant to investors such as return on investment, share in the appreciation in value and terms for exiting the investment.

We organize these services into the following Three Phases:

If your “idea people” have prepared a business plan, we analyze it for technical sufficiency and commercial viability. If there is no proper business plan, we can prepare one for you. We then report the results of our analysis to the principals. Based on these results, we will suggest modifications. If the principals accept the modifications, we will include them in the final business plan.

In consultation with the principals, we develop the terms for purchasing and holding the investment and the financial terms and conditions of the investment. We draft a document that expresses these investment terms in a form and with the substance that enables the investor to adequately assess the commercial viability and prudence of the investment.

We will then identify potential investors, either individuals or institutions. In making these identifications, we consider items such as the industry or business in which the potential investor is engaged, prior investment history based on available information, and our prior experience, if any, with the potential investor.

We then communicate with the potential investors to gauge the level of their interest. For those potential investors who express interest, we prepare and deliver materials which set forth the terms and conditions of the investment and information about the business concept. These materials provide the potential investor the information which the potential investor will consider relevant to deciding whether or not to invest. Ultimately, an investor invests in the principals, not in the business concept. We assist the principals in preparing effective in-person presentations to potential investors.

After Phase Two, we administer the closing of the investment. We will manage the preparation of a formal disclosure document which the principals will deliver to the investors. This document sets forth the information which has been developed in Phase One and Phase Two in a systematic and comprehensive form. We will also manage the logistics of the closing.


Company Transactions

Mergers, interest exchanges, and other company transactions require planning and due diligence services. We organize the transaction so that it can be conducted in an efficient manner. We identify the information which is relevant to the due diligence process and facilitate the exchange of this information.

Trust Administration

We offer services by which we develop concepts for a plan by which the trust can be organized and administered. In this capacity, we advise the trustees and beneficial owners as to the practical aspects of administering the trust and implementing the trust plan. We perform our services for business trusts, personal trusts and charitable trusts. We do not serve as trustees.